illharmonic hip hop orchestra

The kids received two sets of tickets for the whole family on Christmas day (we found them in the tree): one for “David Bowie Is” at the Brooklyn museum next month, and one for Illharmonic Hip Hop Orchestra.

The Orchestra performed at the Rotunda, where the Philly Zine Fest had been.

Claudia saw one girl from her African dance troup, Béla saw his drum teacher from School of Rock, and we also saw Meena (another SoR friend)!


It was a great time and fun to hear the Beastie Boys and Beethoven mashed-up, but everyone agreed the opening rap acts had been their favorite.

It was HOT, and the kids did a lot of backstage dancing… while a violinist tuned her instrument, shortly before Hip Hop Orchestra went onstage:

And then, after some time watching the Orchestra, Claudia decided that backstage dancing — where it was cooler — was better than being in the crowd.

A fun time.