protest banner workshop at asian arts initiative!

This is a post best told in pictures, mostly. In support of his “38 States” project, to work towards international adoptees being able to run for the office of President of the United States, Béla took a workshop in Protest Banner Making with Aram Han Sifuentes at the Asian Arts Initiative.

There were some inspiring banners there already, in the protest banner lending library.

We had a LOT of letters to trace and cut (and pin, and iron), and so it took all three of us, working really hard and really fast over three hours, to make our banner in its most basic form.

We still have to hem its edges, but we are planning to make it a “living banner”, and hope that, since we need adoptees in 38 states to help us with this project, people will also add to the banner — with some embroidery, beads, a patch, something from their state or from their birth country — and to have this banner used at events in places other than Philadelphia.

Right now, the biggest issue has been finding anyone else — child or adult — to commit to working on this project with Béla. And it really will take more than just one Korean kid in Pennsylvania! Please spread the word and check out his Facebook group linked above. The banner is a great way to get started. We are sure there is other, harder work ahead, but let’s start here — and with the Facebook group — and get talking!

(Béla and Claudia’s TED-Ed talk on the topic of international adoptees inability to run for President is also searchable on this blog. )