looping workshop with girls rock philly


Without question we love our School of Rock Philly. But it is always fun to try out another program in town. and Girls Rock Philly has some great workshops — really different things than SoR does. We saw they were doing a looping pedal workshop, and, well, I was hesitant — the kids had gotten a looper from Tuck for Christmas, but the kid who has been most interested in using it prior to this workshop was Béla. It was not hard to talk to staff and founders at GRP and find a way for Béla to be involved. (There is plenty of programming there that is for EVERYONE, all ages, all everything. It is a WONDERFUL place.)

On the first night of a two-night workshop (spaced over two Tuesdays), we, unfortunately, blew out our looper pedal by putting a 10v adapter on it. (It could only take 9… it makes a difference.) I replaced it later in the week. BUT, still, when we were there that first night a couple came in to donate some instruments… and GRP felt they already had plenty of xylophones. So this one came home with us!


In our second session artist Ashley Phillips (AP Soul) was performing when we arrived. We sat down to listen and within seconds, Claude had looked back at me and pointed at her own chest; as if to say “This is where I’d like to be.”

There were group sessions of looping…

And then Claudia surprised us all (really — people had stopped to listen to her, and applauded when she finished) by making what I think is a five loop (two bass, three vocal) track, in which she harmonized with herself. We did not know she could do it. SHE did not know she could do it. She did it.

We were sad to see that Youth Camp for GRP is during a week when the kids are already signed up and paid for another summer program. But we were excited to find that GRP takes applications for workshops from independents… so Megabyte, Tucker and I are hoping to present the electrified TuneFast harp idea! (We have to get it working ourselves first, of course.)

This was a great experience and we are lucky to have met these great new people and are looking forward to spending more time at Girls Rock Philly.