OK not our most academic post ever, but I had read last night on Facebook that they were moving some of the cars in our neighborhood to clear the way for the filming of “Creed II”. My guess was they were using the Victor Café, which becomes “Adrian’s” in the Rocky saga, and I had told the kids we were going to go down and check it out today.

It was raining when we left the house and nobody wanted to walk down to what might be nothing, so we compromised — we got an Uber to Target and did some shopping, and then put in the Victor as our home “destination”. That meant we were only a few blocks from home if nothing was happening. Good plan; even our Uber driver found a security guard from the shoot to chat with and ask what was going on. So we already had an ally; he was excited that we had planned our route around checking out the filming, and we had been correct in our guess that they were shooting at the restaurant. Even though it was drizzly, we got to see exciting artifacts of film making. “Those are production chairs”, said Claudia, drolly.


We just ended up being in the right place at the right time. Another nice security guy told us that shooting was indeed happening and that if we stuck around we “might see someone we wanna see.” Tucker had just gotten out of lab and was getting off the subway and coming to meet us, and frankly, it all just converged within five minutes of us getting out of the Uber — we were standing on the ramp at Ippolito’s, here came Tuck, and there, suddenly, was Sylvester Stallone, smoking a cigar, with someone holding an umbrella over his head.

I don’t doubt B. and C. would have been more excited to see Michael B. Jordan — after all — Killmonger. But. Philly history. I was so excited when the kids were finally old enough to watch Rocky for the first time and when they saw Creed in the theatre. Considering we literally had to wait less than ten minutes to see Sylvester Stallone in the middle of shooting a film in our own neighborhood, this was cool.