our library has an automatic short story dispenser

It also has a HUGE Wharton Esherick carving, which I have always loved — and it’s a really good library. But today, we noticed the short story dispenser.


I was excited enough to post before I got the full story on what’s actually IN there — somebody came home with “Jabberwocky”, and each of them got more than one thing. My kids make the most of the library and do a lot of special-requesting of books from series they like and always have something at the hold desk. But they are primarily novel-readers; not short-story readers, nor poetry-readers, and maybe this will spark some interest (as, even when they write, they embark on novel-length pieces).

It was about as muggy as anybody could stand out there; oh Philly. You do not make it easy. But we do love our library.