school of rock summer festival

Without a doubt, the best show either of the kids have ever done. The Bowie tribute two summers ago had previously been their high point — I mean, performing under a (working) wooden roller coaster — and their outfits had been SO on point, including handmade items and fantastic makeup.

This show, the outfits were simpler and cheaper (thrift store, in fact), and the program was “One-Hit Wonders”, which was upbeat and relaxed, and it was the best either of them has ever performed. Dante is a fantastic director.

Béla was on top of his drumming for Gary Neuman’s “Cars”, and more.

Claudia took on a lot in this show, as someone dropped out at the very last minute, and Claude picked up some of her songs. She was on bass for four songs and sang six (I think). I was surprised at how good her bass playing has gotten:

But her happiest moment was definitely the last song of the show (and we were thankful for the thermos of Throat Coat tea we brought). I wish I’d turned to film the crowd, who were singing along and waving their phones. (Once she got past the first two lines where she wasn’t very sure of the sound guy and her mike, she was in her sweet spot.)

They are both signed up for the CBGB’s show for the Winter.