secret synth night!

Well, it only took half a year or so, but we got ourselves to Secret Synth Night. They’re going to have to be a lot quieter in there if they want to keep it a secret, but I don’t think they really do. It is an all-ages, all-abilities meetup of folks interested in electronic music. People bring equipment from a variety of decades, set up, and ask and answer questions.

Béla put himself right in the middle of all that, and within moments had found someone really kind and patient who gave him a lot of one-on-one attention.


The welcoming and curious cacophony that is Secret Synth Night:

Béla has his own Korg mini synthesizer at home and loves to play with soundboards, so he’s in the right place. It’s not territory I can follow very far, but with homeschooling I often find just matching them up with the right people in our world is more satisfying for all of us than just more time with me.

He was dancing in the rain by the time we left.