summer camps: japan, ancient greece and ancient rome

This summer, Claude and Béla had two non-consecutive weeks at Shofuso, the Japanese house in Fairmount Park, where they had gone for a week last summer as well; they also had a week at the Penn Museum for an Ancient Greece- and Rome-themed daycamp.

They were happy to return to Shofuso, where we discovered that both of them are pretty good with a camera (given one by a counselor-in-training). In fact, it was suggested that maybe Béla be encouraged to start shooting more seriously, after taking this photo of his sister:

taken by bae la

claudia, too, had taken some nice photos of her brother and his friend, using the counselor’s camera:

But what they REALLY came away from Shofusu with this year, was a taste for Golden Curry. Claudia left with a small replica of it to enhance her dramatic play at home…


And even a few weeks later, we were searching the Vietnamese supermarket for some to make with dinner!


At Penn Museum, for Ancient Greece and Rome camp, there were archeological digs, and a program on Friday for families.


Béla’s group was working up until the eleventh hour and had more of a quiet exhibition…


And Claudia turned a boastful mortal into Arachne and participated in a gladiator battle.

They’ve got about three campless weeks at home before we even start thinking about “school” starting, and they’ve already made it abundantly clear that this has been the longest Tuesday of their lives (complete with off-and-on thunderstorms, and steamy bright sunshine, and therefore an empty park.) Our list of things we could be doing is still plenty long… but right now, “doing” is rated far below “complaining”, so we’re having an argumentative Steven Universe marathon.

Well, at least one of them out there is laughing.