béla introduces his capstone project for 2018-2019

This year’s capstones have been planned out better than last year’s (which didn’t exist) and better than the year before’s (which were one single ‘zine). I still really like ‘zines for learning — particularly since the one ‘zine format we like to use the most easily gives you five pages of text to work with, therefore helping to teach you the five-paragraph essay format.

This year’s capstone will involve multiple ‘zines, and an ongoing video project documenting the making of them, which will be edited and shared at the end of the year. Béla’s project — with subjects chosen over what were probably two of the most joyful days of homeschooling we’ve ever experienced — are comedians, specifically those who created work between WWII and the early 2000’s. He will be responsible for linking historical events of those times to this work in his writing and discussion.

Here, he discusses how he came up with his final list.

I think research is going to be a blast.