béla the photographer

Béla got a camera for his tenth birthday — a nice camera. A Canon Rebel DSLR. He has been having a good old time with it.

He also had his first photography lesson, with Rich! And this is the portrait of Rich that came of it.



Here is a portrait of Claudia, who had her face painted at the annual 3rd District Police Carnival.



But, sometimes life makes the picture-taking REALLY easy for you and gives you a giant inflatable set of tentacles coming out of a warehouse at the Navy Yard. Still — I think it’s clear that Béla has a good eye. (Another photographer friend pointed out that for a number of these photos he used the “rule of thirds”, I think it was, and he or I don’t even know what that is, but it has to do with the balance of subject and negative space in a photograph.)

He is looking forward to another lesson with Rich soon. I am super proud of him and glad he has found something new to love. (He definitely likes editing and using effects — the colored filters used above were a gift from Rich as well.)