philly zine fest 2018!

Our second year at Philly Zine Fest and it was the same frenetic, friendly, not-enough-hands, good time as last November. Except this year, people recognized the kids! This year Claudia had two zines to give out (one which she had planned to have finished last year, honoring Delia Derbyshire), and she also had the first of, as she says, “six zines for six queens” — for her capstone project for this year.





Of course, they were folding and snipping the day before the event. But they were as ready as anyone.


Béla’s project is about comedians, so he had his George Carlin zine — which would have made George very proud — ready to hand out as well.

Rich stopped by and gave Béla a lesson on using his flash indoors.


They still have five more zines to make this year to complete their capstones, but that means they could have six-zine box sets available next year — we are thinking about trying to get a half-table to vend. (It was suggested by an artist whose daughter had started selling there in fifth grade.) It goes so fast, yet it feels like an important part of our “school” year.