two years of homeschooling

The two-year anniversary of our homeschooling life fell on a Saturday, but not a Saturday with nothing to do. Kulu Mele’s “Journey” was happening as well as our own journey. See if you can find Claudia (whose brother stayed with her five extra hours of rehearsal time):

When we got home, it was ordering in food, and, hey — how about losing a pre-molar? Why not?


We are moving slowly in an academic sense this year and I think it has a lot to do with family restructuring (for which we are all grateful) and the addition of idea of the Exploratory Latin Exam. We need a good week of Table Time. And yet, we’re already looking at summer camps…?

Kulu Mele didn’t tire either of them out. At two in the morning, everyone needs a good Red Hot Chili Peppers singalong, right? (caught sneakily by Tucker):