much rock

This is mostly a post about the Winter SoR performance season, but I do have to mention that we were at the school grabbing some extra vocal (!) lessons for Béla a few Saturday mornings ago when a nice dreadlocked woman came in and said that her band, who were playing next door that night, were just waking up for the day, and that a few of them would like to stop by. Meet some kids, see the school. And that is how we met Sin and Cesar from Ministry.


It ain’t no small thing! That’s rock history right there! (I don’t think any other SoR students, much less any as young as ten, had seen Ministry live, but B and C have.)

And, then, a week later, we had the CBGB’s show. Béla’s drumming has taken a huge leap forward and wow — WOW — he also did a lead vocal performance on the Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime”. With choreography! Don’t take my word for it:

Here’s the improved drumming part, on the Go-Go’s “This Town”:

And here’s the full “Life During Wartime” including three runs around the venue. Béla spent months cutting the blond out of his hair — he has been blond for years — to look more like David Byrne for this performance. He did SUCH a great job with the whole thing.

Claudia did plenty of good bass work, and some great vocals. I think it was always on my wishlist to hear her sing “Brass in Pocket”, and she did, but her highlights — if the audience were any indication — were “Blank Generation”…

and the Runaways’ “Blackmail”.

Thanks to our friends Mike, Megabyte and Joey who came to watch the shows. Friday night’s gig at the school had doubled as the annual holiday party and I was happy about being able to have baked Neshaminy school cafeteria peanut butter cookies (for Danté), and to have jars of homemade kimchi to give as gifts… we’ve gotten a lot more “making” done this year in the kitchen and the kids have been integral to all of it.