io, saturnalia!

Like the one-hit wonder band of my early teen years, here’s a little Roman holiday for you. At the root of all midwinter revelry is Saturnalia — an opportunity to learn some Roman culture, a little astronomy, a chance to make a big Saturnian lantern, and to make some delicious — REALLY delicious — honey-sweetened biscuits, covered in toasted sesame seeds, and embossed with an image of the sun. Io, Saturnalia.

We raced the sunset to FDR Park and got some amazing photos of Claudia as an embodiment of the festivities.



photos of Claude by Juls Knapp Photography

We had planned to walk the streets with Saturn the evening of the 17th, handing out cookies, but my cough kept me indoors once we did a test run to the LOVE Park Christmas market. And even though we technically had a few more days with our Classic City guests…  my bronchial tubes had their own plans. Our homeschool Saturnalia was over in the blink of an eye but it was beautiful, we learned something, and the cookies — I have to say they are currently my favorite “Christmas cookie” out there.