reviving the art of the christmas eve ghost story

This was the second year that Claudia participated in “The Dark is Rising” readalong beginning on Midwinter’s Eve. Both kids also caught (out of the corner of one eye) a few episodes from my BBC “Ghost Stories for Christmas Eve” DVD box set. A lot of steps to string together, but each of the kids wrote a Christmas-themed (at least peripherally) ghost story; they then recorded themselves reading their stories on GarageBand, used the Blue Yeti microphone for vocal effects, and did a little Foley work. Here’s Béla’s “Mysterious Christmas Murders”:




And, using possibly the most creative application of a raw cabbage being twisted to bits, Claudia’s “Children of the Wicked”.


Here’s Claudia practicing her ghost story Christmas cackle:

Have an otherwordly Christmas! Wooooooooooooooo.