the sketchbook project

Look what Claudia and Béla got for Christmas (in addition to months’ worth of books, a week of summer camp at “The Business of Doing Good”, requisite toys and candy cigarettes, fidgets and other treats):

The Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project registry date has come and gone, but the kids got sketchbooks, registered — and ready to be digitized — to be made part of the collection, and which they can follow anytime they are taken out and borrowed. (These notebooks reminded me of the scenes with Dizzee and Thor in “The Get-Down” and I Santa thought that would resonate deeply with the kids.)

There was a list of themes to choose from and oddly one was “Rituals” — which was the theme for a zine the kids made for a public show last year — and Claudia chose that, while Béla chose “City Streets”. They have a March deadline to get their sketchbooks filled up and in, and nice new sets of prismacolor pencils, including two whole trays of skin tones.

It’s going to be fun to be able to track online, who is looking at what, and where they are! The library sometimes travels, sometimes stays in Brooklyn. But the kids will be able to keep track of their sketchbooks, which will be out having their own lives… the way I am learning to sit with my phone waiting for them to text me that they’ve gotten to their friends’ house.


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