planet pals (or, tucker’s birthday natal chart while it’s still a “secret” — part one)

“Astrology” did not used to be a word tossed around used mostly for impulse purchases on grocery store endcaps, or paper placemats in diners. The greatest minds — the intellectuals and academics — were astrologists. Nostradamus, Ptolemy, Galileo, Chaucer. Science, math, astronomy — even “just” the cultural aspect of learning about the different astrological systems of different cultures is fascinating. And it does make us at least brush up against the question — why do we spend so much time and money trying to find an indefatigable “answer” to why we do the things we do, aside from our own personal will? Why must we ascribe our own, and others’ behaviors, to the stars under which they were born?

Since our natal chart for Tucker’s birthday was a gift version, not a clinical report, we kept it short and sweet. We had only done so many lessons yet, as it was, with a friend of mine. (It is interesting to note, that in Philadelphia, Population Five, my friend is someone with whom I’ve reconnected on social media; the last time I had seen her prior to this, other than chatting online the last few years, she was two, and I was seventeen and working in the daycare where she went during the day. Not odd enough? She hit her teens and for few times, was Tucker’s babysitter.)

Claudia and BĂ©la like hanging out with her and we think she has the makings of a good Outschool or other internet-school type class on her hands if she gets it down, and we are happy to have her practice on us; it’s been convenient that it comes at a time we needed a gift (poor Tucker’s two “big” Christmas gifts, both handmade, have yet to arrive).

Learning the glyphs for planets and astrological signs was one of the first things they did, and then gathered Tuck’s birth info and looked at his chart through our friend’s app. See that big bottleneck of activity he’s got going there? That’s called a stellium. Within Tucker’s are indications of being a hard worker, and also associations to autism!


A hand-drawn and -titled chart, with personality attributes written by the children (BEFORE they see or hear how they are worded in the astrology book our friend uses, which I believe is called The Round Art) is our goal. We are on our third lost protractor so far in this project, and of course, who went out in the rain to CVS to get a new one tonight so the kids could work on this? Tucker.

More to come.