I don’t think I’ve ever just posted an article from another source before; I rarely even link things. This hit me so hard.

The increased time, tedium, and stress of schooling is bringing many kids to the breaking point or beyond, and more and more people are becoming aware of that. It can no longer be believed that schooling is a benign experience for children. The evidence that it induces pathology is overwhelming. Here is just some of that evidence:

My parents had a paperback copy about the Summerhill method of education in the attic of the house I grew up in, and I read it repeatedly, just fascinated by the idea that anybody could do anything they wanted, as long as it wasn’t hurting or impeding anyone else. I don’t remember anything else about it, and I certainly don’t remember thinking “This is an option for me,” or “I’m going to educate my children this way.”

But Summerhill is only a brief mention in this article. In a world that is actively falling apart, and changing so fast that the idea of preparing children for four-year colleges and stable job markets seems antiquated, this is not a crazy, off-the-wall opinion piece. This is reality.

I think about what my kids’ therapist always says to me: “I listen to the children. I look at the children.” They are always the best indicators of what is actually happening. My kids have NEVER wanted to go back to school — even in dry spells when the weather is bad and they haven’t gotten to play with friends for a few days in a row and are missing seeing other kids, the answer is NEVER “I want to go back to school” — it’s “the wheel always turns and things get fun again, I’m getting better at how to fill my time in the meanwhile.” They are in “class” atmospheres multiple times a week; they’re also in “rock band” atmospheres and “dance troupe” atmospheres.

This article scared the life out of me and it’s not even our reality.







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