the lightning thief

Well, pictures are worth a lot of words with this kind of thing. Suffice it to say I didn’t know there WAS a Percy Jackson musical, or that it was ending its run in Philly soon, and well, thank you Tucker, because his birthday is tomorrow and this was more or less his birthday gift budget (but, since neither of his Christmas gifts have actually shown up yet, he’s still got plenty to look forward to.) I don’t think too much could have made him happier though than these two, this happy.


Considering the only other musicals they’ve been to are “Hedwig” and then another production of “Hedwig”, this was undoubtedly a nice change. They know these books backwards and forwards and they LOVED this production. Béla slammed his head on the back of the chair laughing really hard twice and was probably the only kid in the place who realized that Hades was being played rather in the style of Paul Lynde.


Much of the humor was aimed at prepubescent girls and we had one who was very obliging. She also wore her National Mythology Exam medal from last year.

They were right; it was even better than we thought it would be. I’m really glad we did it and so are they. Between this and a visit from our favorite four-month old this afternoon, it was a good day.