spring rolls (eventually)

We hear that the the groundhog did not see his shadow today and we will have an early spring. After a week of a household cold, and incredibly cold temperatures, it was nice to have an upturn for my birthday — which we began early last night just as an insurance policy, with a lot of Deadpool pinball and dinner at Loco Pez.

Today we went to the Lunar New Year Festival at the Reading Terminal Market. we got there somewhat late since my birthday began with a lot of snuggling, but both kids participated in a spring roll making demo, which, of course, Béla particularly appreciated. (Claudia had dosed with Benadryl beforehand so she could help make one, but did not want to try tasting them, since shrimp was included; they were however, the best spring rolls I ever tasted.)

Béla made a friend up at the demo table; you can hear her talking about how outgoing he is and how “homeschooling works!”

The two of them photographed each other and the woman sent me this lovely photo of Béla, and lovely message.


Prior to the cooking demo, we had stopped at a bakery for a treat, where I found what looked like Claudia hastily writing in her grimoire. (Apparently she just wanted to remember what “snickerdoodles” were called.)

She also did a great job.

Béla made me a beautiful gift; an origami cube that has personal notes tucked into multiple sides of it. You can see how he felt giving it to me. That’s how I felt getting it.


Béla and I had just had a talk last night about how important cooking is to him. Today he got a chance to see that we will work together to follow that interest as far as he wants to. It was a wonderful birthday; the first one in years that I can say was too short. I want to do it all over again.