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I know this kid who suddenly had a passionate desire to see the water bill be lower than it’s ever been. We talked to our neighbors and ours is, and has for years, been ridiculous compared to the friends around us. Béla’s very vested in this and he suggested that the fact that the third floor toilet’s constant running might be part of the problem. (The fact that Claudia turns on the shower and then goes back to her room and performs an entire concert before getting in the shower might be part of it to, but we have gone to using timers once the water is turned on, which, again, everyone seems to treat as an exciting game.)

We needed help with the upstairs toilet (which for years had been leaving slow mineral stains on part of Claudia’s ceiling, and to which had never been attended.) On one side of our house are the neighbors where the kids head over for dance parties, chess, baking and gardening. On the other side, our friend Nello has been teaching Béla about home repair. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

The smile on that third photo, a little closer:


The kids are continuing their study of astronomy and astrology, both with a trip to the Fels Planetarium with our friends Chris and Bruce, and more astrology study with Keren. They have a great new app that has not just great historical astrology applications but Latin and physics. They are already way ahead of me in this and I’m confused and they’re not, but although she is a Pisces, Claudia’s Everything Else is in Aquarius. “I’m more you than you are,” she said to me. Yikes.

They also worked with Keren making collages of what factors and elements the planets were considered to rule.





Tucker and Megabyte had brought home a treasure trove of books and magazines from a storage unit a few weeks ago. The kids used the boxes to close off a corner of the front room where they could be shut in with their early childhood books and Bionicles. They loved this and it was the first time I saw them doing anything where I could see actual nostalgia for those old books, and playing Bionicles with Tuck. They have claimed squatters rights on the corner (Nello actually gave them some of the details of their rights) and, since Béla has already completed his George Carlin zine, I was able to give him all my dad’s George Carlin books — including the one I remember standing in line to have Carlin sign himself. It was a wonderful moment.

Béla, like my dad, also loves origami. As seen in an earlier post, Béla made me a beautiful origami birthday gift. We haven’t been out buying this nice origami paper — it’s all just come from my dad’s house. I was going through the boxes for something to read this week and found something touching and hilarious, and right up Béla’s alley as well.

That origami bookmark has been in there a looooooong time. Béla was the one to point out that less damage had been done to the book itself where the purple paper of the bookmark was — it was a foil paper and was significantly thicker, therefore pushed harder against the cover, protecting it better.

Hmmm, what else? Both students are working steadily on the Sketchbook Project, as the deadline to send them in approaches:


And, although not for the sketchbook and just found in a pile on the table: Claudia’s version of the Trojan War.


Which Tucker compared to this:


And THAT is SOME of what’s going on here!