black history month

I’ve learned, only be super gung-ho about a learning “opportunity” if you actually have ideas. We had a very plodding, petered-out Black History Month one year and this year, we just bought the t-shirt, and actually, that got us a LOT more traction. Thanks to rockers ill-fated natives.


At the kids’ next School of Rock show, “Arena Rock”, Béla will be drumming and Claudia will be singing plenty but — what I’m most excited about (as she had very early on in rehearsals noted that “Arena Rock is pretty white”,) is that she came home the other night to tell me she’d be singing “Purple Rain”. I burst into tears. “Is this happy crying? Sad crying? What are you doing?” She said, laughing. We immediately watched the video for “Purple Rain” over and over, trying to desensitize me. It’s gonna take awhile. As we watched Béla said “Who do you think is lead guitar on this?” and I immediately knew, and texted that boy’s dad immediately, and we pridegeeked out like crazy over our kids. Like we were teenagers.