“ancient egypt from discovery to display” and “harriet tubman: demon slayer”

We squeezed in a good bit of Black History Month stuff in one whirlwind Saturday, starting with the brand new exhibit at the Penn Museum.




Trips like this used to inevitably lead to a write-up in the kids’ school journals, but I’m not asking for that anymore; I think it’s affecting the purposes they think writing serves. If a lot of the writing they do for school is to regurgitate experiences they already had… that’s not really a lot of fun, and they seem to organically be gravitating to more creative writing, so there’s no “writing about” this trip in store. We just took it.


Of this piece, Béla said, “He looks like Michael Myers with cornrows.” He spent a few seconds silently counting off a staring contest. “He won,” he said, and walked away.


This little baby was buried with his duckie, and a wheeled wooden horse.


And then we headed to Frankford Ave, and had some Pizza Brain, and the new Little Baby’s ice cream flavor, Everything Bagel:


And then over to Amalgam Comics, to pick up the kids’ subscriptions and to meet author david crownson, and get some copies of Harriet Tubman: Demon Slayer signed!




Whew! We thought it’d be a movie night when we got home but not so much, too tired to even get that arranged. Everybody just flopped where they wanted and did what they did. (And read their comics.) Not all Saturdays can be this exciting, for sure, but this one was, and it was really nice.