controlling the elements

The kids are out with friends at the park (I wonder how many hours they have logged at that park in their lifetimes so far? Frankly, there’s people keeping better count than I am) but I kinda can’t wait for them to get home because WAIT UNTIL BELA SEES THIS WATER BILL! IT’S NEVER BEEN LOWER! IT’S LITERALLY FORTY PERCENT LOWER THAN IT WAS AT THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR!

Controlling the heat and the water are powerful new pastimes for the children. These little bar graphs on the utility bills are a new sense of family unity. I can almost see one tattooed on Béla’s forearm someday. (Béla’s voice is getting deeper. It’s very interesting.)

While they have walked to the Acme without adult supervision before today, that had been for snacks for themselves — which, being of strong motivation, made me pretty sure they would make it there and back alive. Today I sent them for dinner ingredients. Which meant not just getting boring things like a chicken, but the RIGHT chicken. They did it.

I’m just so excited about them getting home so I can tell them about the water bill.