sacred geometry and tape-and-foil doll clothing

She started last night with just back-to-back tape. I didn’t want to tell her her apron looked like a butcher’s apron but then Tucker told her immediately.

GRL is written across Nakia’s new top. “That’s how people write it now,” she told me. “They can’t be bothered to write out the whole word.”


She went down a rabbit hole for the rest of the evening — evidenced by foil shavings on the floor, Sharpies in the bedroom, and numerous other things I wouldn’t have allowed had she not accomplished them so silently — and made numerous other outfits. Since working on astrology this morning ended up leading into more sacred geometry, mandalas, and zentangles, I let her just keep making clothes while Béla worked with Keren. ( I did have to liberate Nakia and all her clothing supplies from Claude while she was in her online Latin class. Which, taking place in Oxford, will be an hour later than usual for the next few weeks — they start Daylight Savings Time later than we do.)


Béla LOVES sacred geometry and geometric drawing, the same way he loves origami.


They are using such similar skills and yet coming up with such different results, so much more reflective of their personalities.