We had stopped last night to get some bahn mi after the Climate Change rally (more on that later), as we had some good news to celebrate (more on that later.) As the kids finished their sandwiches I got a text from their friends’ mom — could B and C meet them in the park across from our house?

The location of our house makes socializing extra easy, but we weren’t in it. The kids were finished eating and we weren’t; but the distance to the park was not that much farther, or different, than going to the Acme. So I asked them if they thought they could handle walking to meet their friends while we finished eating and paid for our food.

And they were off.

I remembered all the times I had pushed their strollers on the street they were now walking without me. Claude texted me as soon as they got there.

This is such a big part of what homeschooling gives them; so much of it requires the time and opportunity to try, and the added bonus of walking past about twenty houses where they are recognized.

They felt really good about this accomplishment. Real city kids. Today while out, they realized it was the birthday of a friends’ younger sister, and since I keep an emergency gift on hand, were able to honor her and get on over to that party — again, on their own. And to think I told them they were going to spend the day doing Latin!