These School of Rock show seasons are always like this; you eat sleep and breathe eleven songs for months, and then in one weekend, it’s all over. This was that weekend.

Probably the big overall winner was last night’s version of “Barracuda”.

I love the moment where she appears to be working out a math problem in her head.

It’s so much harder to get video or even pictures when your son is the drummer. But here we have a little from “Jukebox Hero.” Béla’s drumming has come so far. I see why he’s so tired at the end of a show — and today, had a blood blister!

Today’s show at Boot and Saddle was a good one, but there is just something extra special — an extra honor — about getting to sing “Purple Rain”.

We are extra grateful to our family friends who came today to see the kids perform at Boot and Saddle: Joey, Keren, Jen, Chris, Tara and Xavier. We used every comp ticket we had!

Last night after the show at SoR we had a good old flop-out with Sims and cake. Serious afterglow. Claudia will be joining the JV Houseband at SoR beginning April 15.