nothing really matters

I imagine when Claudia and Béla are adults they will talk on the phone about how we used to sit and watch YouTube on tv and sing and just go down a rabbit hole of decades and decades of music videos. It is one of our favorite times together. It is more interactive than just watching TV, god knows — we don’t do too much of that anyway — (well they did see “Bohemian Rhapsody” this week, which is what got us started tonight). Béla has told me when he is away from home and misses me he plays music videos on his iPad that remind him of home. It’s funny to think that the RHCP’s “Dani California” is serving that purpose, and it would amuse and touch those guys if they knew.

Last night was a lot of Queen which then somehow swerved into more Carpool Karaoke than I expected.

Within two hours, Claudia was upstairs doing this in what is now “her” room. She has a solo to choreograph for Omo Kulu Mele; she was playing music from one phone and recording with mine. Mind you, all this dancing was happening AROUND: a vocal mike and stand, a PA system, a bass amp (all hers). I love how she ignores the four-by-six foot mirror acquired for her specifically for watching herself dance and sing (shoulders down!) — she was watching the phone monitor. Why did I think she needed a mirror?

Less than TWELVE hours later, both kids were GONE (I was surprised to find when I came down from showering) and at a friend’s house, but another of their friends was here, with Tucker, waiting for the other three to come back. So, a D&D game is on — and like a little Proustian salon, the ones who’ve seen “Treasure Island” at the Arden are talking about how great it was (was that only yesterday?) and the ones who have tickets are begging not to hear any spoilers. So much laughing.

I don’t think mine are going to be too upset to get back to serious “table work” Monday for homeschool though — they have been anxious lately about the way their schedules and difficulties concentrating have been making their schoolwork harder to achieve. And it is a serious issue; they are struggling right now. They needed this break. But tomorrow, they expect to have what is guaranteed to be the nicest Easter we’ve had in years. (Although both are very aware that our go-to brunch place no longer exists. Time to check to see if Loco Pez is open Sunday!)