practical magic

The last three Easter’s in a row had good hauls (including bikes, one year), but also are remembered for being days where, sadly, something unpleasant happened as well (“Mommy, there’s a lump in my neck,” having been my least favorite).

Claudia would be less likely to measure this pattern, but I could tell Béla was working intently on keeping his spirits up. His basket was out very early. Because they socialized almost all day today and Claude came home to nap, Béla decided to get to coloring eggs, which is when we realized we had a dud box of Paas that contained only three colored tablets.

Tucker commented that he’d never had a kit for coloring eggs purchased at all when he was a kid, and just used food coloring. Shortly Béla had made the most beautiful “palette” (his word) I have ever seen on eggs.

He continued to talk about preparations as though it were Christmas, and so I called for him to bring down his basket, but it was already there. With it, this note (writing continues to improve):

We did already purchase the Reeses’ Outrageous, knowing he was curious about it, but when I texted Tuck this note he read it as “Reese’s Putrage” and almost fell apart laughing.

And of course he’d have been the one at the CVS at midnight had we not gotten it already.

The note is killing me. It’s pure Béla.

Tomorrow morning will be relaxed and slightly outrageous.