signed, sealed, delivered

They’ve been singing that all over Fishtown.

Their “big” friend Matti (who with his mom Juls came and stayed during Christmastime, from Athens, GA), is the one other person they know with a Pretskull pin. So. Extra cool. And yes, the Easter Bunny is EXTREMELY proud of the “Oxford Library” scented candle for Claudia.

Reese’s Outrage(ous) — check! “Flying” fidget spinner — jury is out. Mechanically, it is interesting, and Béla has been fascinated with examining and gently trying it, but also senses that it may not be long for the world (or ever “fly” very far.) It did, to some degree (over the fence to the field, even), but we went out for the day before we got to try too hard, and it was really a bit of a wind risk today.

Reverso poetry about Greek mythology and the most gorgeous, shaped, wooden geode puzzle ever? That looks freaking impossible? Sounds like good time together.

The most perfect face enjoying a tiny toy in a Kinder egg. She was so happy with her new sets of hoop earrings in different sizes — again, Tucker’s idea.

Flying fidget spinner in some degree of “action”.

So we would call that “a little more action than you’d get from just throwing it,” right? (I’m sure we will have more time to work with it. Or break it. We are prepared for either.)

Béla gives his Easter benediction over brunch at Loco Pez. I don’t think I’ve ever called anywhere in particular my/our “happy place”, but Loco Pez is pretty close.

We like walking through the neighborhood Tuck grew up in. We went to Amalgam comics, where the guys sat in on a D&D session with some friendly folk (and a Bard with a ukulele.)

Claudia adamantly refused to do any more peopling for the time being (her social meter has changed SO much in the past few years) and picked up her comic subscriptions and read. Look at those curling lashes.

Both came home and did their standard cool-down activities — park time for Béla, Sims for Claude — and then a friend joined Claude here. Apparently, public schools are still off tomorrow, so we are not as back to the books as we thought — they made some plans to see pals tomorrow.

Happy Easter, for real.

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