she’s just a girl (in JV houseband)

Claude had been planning on auditioning for JV houseband at SoR over the winter, but during the audition week we all got some bug that had all three of us in one bed watching two entire seasons of “Robin of Sherwood”. She did not seem to have any regrets; then once, she said she wished she’d done it; then they called and asked if she’d just join right in on vocals and she said no.

No? We are at that in-between age, and JV is a mixed-age group and Claude is at the low end of it. So rather than aspire to and try to participate in teen talk, Claudia really just wants the freedom to talk about the things that interest her — with people who are as enthusiastic as she is. About genderfluid, Latin-speaking vampire-elves. With Afros.

I told her they really hadn’t expected a “no” and maybe she could just try it? So she’s trying it. And she’s having a good time. She and Béla start Bowie show rehearsals — their second Bowie show! — this weekend. Meanwhile.