double feature with pizza rolls (Much Ado About Mean Girls)

“But what are pizza rolls?”

They were supposed to be the things that got my kids to sit through the Shakespeare, but I should have known better — they have watched “higher” productions than Kenneth Branagh. They loved it, and who’d have thought to move onto “Mean Girls” from there except that that was exactly our purpose: in noticing the popularity of “mashups” in our Mighty Writers Fan Fiction class, it was hard for me not to purchase this volume when it showed up in a sidebar ad.

I am loving teaching writing workshops and loving doing more big-kid stuff with my two. We are in a new stage of growth for sure. After all the recent testing, and some delicate emotional times, I’ve let them be super free with school for a couple weeks. They have a lot of dramatic play going on and are deep in flow and there’s nothing I “teach” that should trump that brain state, particularly when they are learning how bad screen time is for their mental health. They see it and they feel it. So they have been allowed to ride out some serious imagination trips this week. A movie double-feature with a book follow-up felt pretty buckled down by comparison.