summa cauliflower bread

A few lovely treats for Mother’s Day weekend. While we expected the kids’ Exploratory Latin Exam results in the mail, they were e-mailed to me yesterday. Ta-da!


We were pretty sure they would get high scores — Tucker was sure — but that is higher than we expected. (We actually had to update this image the following day, as an error had been made in grading, and Claudia had a 98%, not a 96%.) They are both very proud.

Our Mother’s Day was very quiet and the fact was, I didn’t really want to go out to eat for dinner, even though the kids equate all holidays with restaurant meals. I was looking on line with Béla and had found a recipe for a no-grain bread with cauliflower in it. We’d had pizza with cauliflower crust, which is good, and this was cauliflower with almond flower too, and with egg whites whipped up to a meringue consistency. It was SO good. It was so soft and almost custardlike; it had, really, a texture like the soft, soft breads at the Korean-run French-style bakeries.

The small spelling errors — and the title break near the end that has only placemarker text in it — may be corrected in time, but honestly, he spent hours on this, and if he doesn’t want to fix it, the next one will be better. He did a great job, with both the video and the bread, and we were very proud of him. He has such authority and comfort, and is so himself, when he is in flow.

What a boy. We are starting to work on goals for next year, so that both of the kids are working even harder on the subjects and skills that they care about the most. For Béla, I can’t say that’s Latin, although I’m going to ask him to keep at it a bit longer… but it’s definitely cooking, and video editing and production.