The way I’ve kept the kids with at least another view of academia than mine — which is “f*** this” — is through Tucker, whom we’ve always assumed pretty much had a lifetime academic career ahead of him. Today he graduated with his Masters in Neuroscience, and beginning work on his Doctorate in Chemistry. While his devotion to science remains, the idea that he’d be in a campus for the next forty years is less likely. He’s looking at industry research. In any case, the kids get to see what one does with all that classroom learnin’.

An exhausting morning, and even though we’d planned lunch with friends we had to go home and sleep off the ceremony. The kids LOVE these “at home” weekends”, although Béla is at a BBQ with a friend (at another neighbor’s house) and Claude and her close girlfriend went to B2 (a coffee shop I used to go to…) to hang out, and are now home playing Sims shriekingly. Is is really only Friday and not even sundown?

Tuck still had a paper due and is so tired. I have plenty to prepare for our Philly Autism Project Seed Grant.

Meetings with friends. Unexpected ordering of Popeye’s Chicken. Only cure: Hours of knitting Tuck’s Graduation Gift Hat while watching Mama June: From Not to Hot.

So. Tired.

Out of all the photos taken today I love this one by Béla and continue to be so glad I got him that camera for his birthday.

He has such an eye!

Oy. What a day. Happy to be together even if the kids are ignoring us for their friends. As it should be.


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