foam puppet making online with hobey

Hobey Ford is a source of kindness and gentleness every time I turn on my computer. He and his wife Sue homeschooled their three daughters, two of whom are now touring rock musicians, and Hobey made sure the kids got to go to soundcheck when his daughter Sallie was in town. Hobey is also an internationally known puppeteer and a documentary about his work won an Emmy this year.

He asked recently if Claude and Béla wanted to learn to carve foam puppets. He could teach them online.

Hobey sent materials and a sample puppet.

They have both taken online classes but this was kind of extra cool.

The electric knife was fun.

Béla got a bald eagle pretty much completed.

Claudia was making a mammal whose imperfections sort of led her to drift away from it. (I sent a photo to a friend who commented, “a Labrador squirrel”.) This week we have had to catch up on academics and School of Rock hours that have fallen behind… but we will be working with this and reporting in to Hobey again before too long! Especially since Prince William stopped by.

More anon.


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