“school” pictures 2018-19

At the end of our first year of homeschooling, we did a very elaborate photo shoot to commemorate the year.

At the end of last year, we just chose two candid pictures that seemed representative of a fairly messy, wild ride year that gave us much courage and freedom, and strengthened our bonds as a family, as well as began to document the distinct “big kid” personalities emerging.

This year we went more with that again, although the photos just happened to be slightly more fabulous because they were both taken mid-performance. Here’s Béla drumming at the Boot and Saddle with School of Rock (taken by our friend Chris Walter):

And here’s Claudia performing with Omo Kulu Mele, photo taken by Béla.

They are working through the summer on a number of subjects, because their weekday schedules have not been beneficial to them academically and they have some catching up to do, but for the most part, consider us on summer break. All paperwork is in and we, once again, did it. With a community that is endlessly confident in us and truly never lets me doubt myself — and with the most profoundly deep relationship with my kids I could ever imagine. This is what parenting was meant to be. An incredibly small fraction of people experience it. Thank the universe that mine tricked me into it!


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