“this is the best week ever” (part one)

It really has been especially nice. Both kids keep commenting on how relaxed they feel. Béla has been knitting a lot. Claudia has been spending a lot of time doing dramatic play (I’m so glad she is not perceiving herself as “too old” for this) and they have been spending time with friends. They’ve also chosen to politely say no to some invitations because they were just more interested in what they were doing on their own. (That’s new.)

Yesterday they took the first step in their goal to walking to jiujitsu class independently — walking together on their own, but with a monitor on the other side when they crossed Broad Street.

We went to drop off paperwork and a downpayment for summer camp and ended up hanging out for THREE HOURS with one of the staff there — fell in love with her immediately.

That, however, got us caught in a rainstorm and we had to take shelter in the Vietnamese shopping center:

Where the kids enjoyed the spectacle of Tucker eating tongue (not uncommon)

And where they got boba tea — and a few extra straws — because we have the makings for boba tea at home but needed straws for it!!



Today, tragedy. C and B were shocked to find they’d been asked to scrub the kitchen floor. This was, admittedly, unprecedented. We were immediately informed this was “the worst Friday ever”. Within fifteen minutes they were caught up in satisfaction over the work they were doing, and asking to go clean other floors.

But no. We had further debasements in mind.

Seeing how happy it made Danpung to get a bath, and how good it felt for her, made them feel great.

Good gracious it’s not even Friday night. What could top being caught in the rain, scrubbing a floor, and bathing a dog?


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