leveling up

Goal: Be able to walk together to and from jiujitsu without adult accompaniment.

The distance is no issue. The only hurdle is Broad St. They are crossing it together, with an adult just watching from the other side (both ways).

Once they are safely and confidently crossing four lane streets like Broad and Washington, they only have to go a block or so further to have access to an ENORMOUS number of destinations: the rec center where they are just finishing swim camp, a bowling alley, a small Target, PetSmart, a Starbucks and a Chipotle. Once they are ready for a somewhat longer walk, they can make it to their favorite library branch. To be able to do those things with friends by the time they are closer to twelve than eleven — sounds like mighty fine city kid living.

This is also the year for learning to take a Septa bus a short destination without an adult. (I polled parents. Eleven.)

Béla sent me photos as they waited for Tuck to come stare them down on their cross from the west side of Broad St. to the east.

Such charm.


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