dump crafts

I love dump crafts. Their whole lives, I’ve plotted, then dumped an entire bag of a thing in front of them, then run away and listened to the results.

Once it was a garbage bag full of fancy duck tape rolls from someone who’d given up her hula-hoops-for-Burning-Man side business. Just dumped all the rolls in front of them and walked away. They might have been five. They were astounded. Zzzxxzzzzip. Zzzxxzzzzzzzzip. Hours. They made so many things. it was glorious.

A few years later, I gave them hundreds of different-sized, multicolored zip ties. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzip zzzzzzzip link zzzzzzzzzzzip.

I’ve noticed the gals on the craft forums lately making stuff with self-adhesive colored bandages. Since Claudia is so good at making clothes (and dolls) with tape, I knew she would like this. It rips cleanly, no scissors.

Don’t let that picture of Spider-Man’s outfit get too far, I’m worried it will damage his rep. Check out Nakia from Black Panther; she’s got some new clothes (and months ago, she got hair extensions and I honestly don’t even know how she DID that.)

I love finding things like this for them and I love their gratitude. I love that they recognize that when they are not around, I think about their interests and try to find things they would enjoy. (I chose a book for Béla recently, which was written by an author he liked but was a zombie novel where the children of England take refuge in Buckingham Palace to avoid the undead. He read it in a day and came to me delicately and said “I am glad I read this, and thank you for buying it new; I see it is the first in a series; I just need you to know it was scary enough that I don’t think I can handle the rest of them.” Well, that’s what you get for being too busy with camp to go to the library.)

Same thing for Claudia recently, who has really been punting it with the first few books of some mermaidish fantasy series that even she said was not worth owning, and more of a library thing. I have been stuck for a new author for her lately but BOY did i find it this weekend. I cannot WAIT.

They have been swimming literally every weekday for weeks. Hopefully this makes up for the summers where their suits sat out, waiting to go to the Y, and it happened once if at all. They are so happy, and so openly touched that I arranged this camp — completely overcoming my phobia of them in the water, and spending all of July knowing they were spending hours in the pool, in the deep end. All three of us are growing so much.


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