the business of doing good

I read about BODOG camp last fall and knew it was something I wanted the kids to experience. I knew it would be a lot to pay for, too, and hoped it could serve double duty as a Christmas gift. Tucker hand-designed the brochure that was placed in our tree, and they certainly didn’t complain about it, but it was hard to say if they thought of it as a “gift” from Santa.

They spent the last week there, and they DEFINITELY thought of it as a gift then.

A one-week program that teaches middle-schoolers about turning ideas into nonprofit startups, Béla, not surprisingly, focused on public transit. #freedariusnow

Claudia began creating an app that tracked the extinction of animal species.

(I do not know what this particular ritual is)

On Friday all the kids pitched their ideas to family and they did great. Somehow Tuck and I wound up in a photo on social media and this made Béla extremely happy and he actually cropped it closer so it was JUST us. I need to remember to be in more pictures if it gets them this excited.

They both really want to return to BODOG camp and I’d have to say this and the five weeks they spent at a swim camp run by the city parks and rec department are the best summer programs we have ever done. They certainly don’t choose performing arts camps because their day to day life is so saturated with rehearsals and shows. Regular “art” camps get repetitive fast, we found. BODOG was the most mature program as far as expectations, and they seemed to appreciate that; as Claudia said, “There was nothing you could do to get in trouble.” They were very challenged and busy and THAT is the end of summer programming, folks — it’s Lord of the Flies from now until after Labor Day.


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