one week into this homeschool year

And we have figured out our goal is five hours of actual academic (not performing arts) work a day, because I am now seeing that we need to make some gains — and not in the “artsy” or “clever” departments. When the kids’ schedules changed last year so did their ability to concentrate, and the dip in math and spelling skills in particular remains noticeable. Claudia has her return to online Latin (“in” Oxford) tomorrow and is very happy, and Béla has decided he wants to learn Korean (for real, not just as an excuse to watch K-dramas.) We are working with new science and spelling curricula, Claudia has a new pre-algebra math curriculum that scared ME, and we are doing a lot more writing. Or trying to.

However, a week in, and there has not been a day yet where they got a full “day” of academics in. They have been getting up each day this week with the goal of five hours of “table work”, and they are not dragging their feet — it’s their goal too. (It is so helpful to be able to make use of after-dinner hours for academic time — sometimes that is just when they are most “on”.)

I’m using a written planner this year, which I have never done before, and looking at my spreadsheet (I do a lot more documentation than I think some homeschooling or unschooling families do) to see what we are spending too much time on, or not enough time on. Claudia hitting that middle-school mark got me serious!

Maybe tomorrow is the day. Or even just a half an hour more than today would be good — maybe just working up to it. In the meantime, it is important to take breaks with a murder kitten in a box.