“whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. these kids are great. i want kids like this.”

Said our Uber driver. It was funny that he thought I should “keep doing” anything parentingwise considering the kids were asking me to provide them with a full catalog of “Times We Fell Down Entire Staircases”.

It was a short list.

But a long ride, so they moved on. Béla described the difference between friends and acquaintances. They told the driver Stevie Wonder gave exhaustingly long live concerts. Claudia discussed how she had inherited, and outgrown, my oxblood Doc Martens at age ten. They discussed the efficacy of winter gloves. They sang along when “Rebel Rebel” came on.

They did things I take for granted with them.

Hours earlier, Béla had told me that now that his birthday had passed, it was time to start putting aside two dollars a week for Christmas shopping. A practice he has been apparently keeping for the last few years.

This is not something I knew. But it is easy to picture him doing it.

We were on our way to a two and a half hour dance rehearsal for Claudia, for Kulu Mele’s 50th anniversary production at the Annenberg Theater in November. Claudia had asked, recently, if she could not continue with JV Houseband at School of Rock; I said that was fine. Almost immediately, I was asked if she could be one of the four children cast in this production.

There’s no way she could be doing both right now. The “Ogun” rehearsals are already very heavy, but she is very happy.

(The dancer playing Ogun in that clip is someone Béla has photographed before, in one of my favorite pictures he’s ever taken:)


We are involved in a number of other festivals/parades currently, have just come back from the Climate Strike marching with our brethren at Extinction Rebellion. That will be a big post full of pictures (and a day of zero “tablework” at school). It is a very fertile time. It does not feel like fall yet but I think that will make it even more so. We are definitely beginning our Halloween planning!


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