oh the days

Still working on the Climate Strike and Somatosensory Homunculus Puppet posts.

This afternoon, Béla and I were trying to keep our voices down studying Hangul while Claudia took her online Latin class.

This was followed by me beginning to read them Ray Bradbury’s “The Halloween Tree”. It was read aloud to me in the fifth grade by my teacher Mrs. Celani. I’ve never forgotten.

When Claudia realized all the main characters in the book were boys she tried to mutiny. I told her the boys in the book presented as boys at the time the story was written but possibly some of them went on to transition and since she was an author she should be figuring out which ones did, for the sequel she’d write. It’s hard to make Claudia speechless. I was rather chuffed.

Trying not to rush October still…


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