we helped a baby opossum (and we liked it)

We were on a rather hot walk to Sprouts for a good sale — Thursday is the kids’ low point of the week as far as ability to work goes, and we fill it with more hands-on things — when I got a text from my next door neighbor, which was also going to Tucker, and our other-side next door neighbor.

My guys on my sides take care of me like nobody else. But Joe had an emergency — a baby possum in his recycling bin. It was breathing but otherwise unresponsive.

Nello’s suggestion was not that helpful.

(For alarmists, the kids were not dying; they were dying from CUTENESS at that possum and thrilled we were rerouting to PetSmart for baby animal supplies!)

Once we had gotten a bottle, some kitten milk replacement formula and our groceries, Tuck was home.

Baby Possum was listless, breathing fast, and giving us standard possum Badass Face, but with exhausted eyes and not lifting his head. There was a hole in the side of the bucket where I could stick the nipple of the bottle so it was right up against him, but he couldn’t touch me. I nudged his toes and he pulled them back — a good sign.

I squirted formula directly under his snout into the bucket. He was still devoted enough to Badass Face to have an ant crawl in his mouth, then it closed imperceptibly as it began to covertly slurp up formula.

Eyes brighter. More blinking. Ears wiggling more.

We wet some crackers with formula. No way was he going to let us see him EAT, but Tuck managed this covert video:

It was only with this prolonged view that we and others saw that his hand was balled up and he was not using it to hold food; so he was not at 100%. However, he was also gone when Joe went to check on him later. We are looking throughout our back alley and yards today, in case he is still around.