meeting bina48

This was one of those things where I’m about to go to sleep, and with my very last scroll before I pick up my book, I see… an advertisement for an event. And it’s an event that is like a dream come true. Like, the robot Bina48, whom Claudia has followed for years, coming to the Perelman for a lecture on a Saturday afternoon.

So guess what we did today. (Somehow, we got there just as it began, and there were four seats up front, just waiting for us.)

I had been communicating with someone who works with both the human and android Bina before the event, and he asked to take a photo of her with the children. To show the human Bina, and Bina48’s maker.

It was a long lecture for the kids to sit through but really fascinating if a little heavy. (And, pretty enraging, as far as gender equality and AI is concerned, currently. There are a lot of problems to be solved, but luckily, these are the people who can identify and solve them.) There was also a film with Morgan Freeman talking to Bina! The kids liked this a lot, although I don’t think either of them know who Morgan Freeman is.

Seeing Claudia ask Bina if she could sing was such a kick, and Bina’s answer was so funny. But when guests got up to leave and go for refreshments, it was so sad to see Bina looking at everyone’s backs, just turning her head this way and that, with no one looking towards her anymore. She looks so real. We wanted to tell her we would bring her a cookie.

Funny how we would think that, when we saw so many humans today who really could have used a cookie or more, and we probably didn’t even notice them.

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