what we’re reading (and will be reading)

Last Christmas Claudia found Tomi Adeyemi’s “Children of Blood and Bone” under the Christmas tree first thing in the morning (Thank You Santa), and it’s possible she’s read it five times since then.

It was a no-brainer that she would love it and I pre-ordered the sequel as soon as it was available to do so — the cover art didn’t even exist at the time we made the order! But now, it’s literally on its way, and Claudia knows it. We are not waiting for Christmas.

It means more this year that this is the “Legends of Orisha” series since the production of “Ogun and the People” that Claudia is performing with Kulu Mele is based in Orisha tradition — and that understanding more about the Orishas is great for Claudia as far as studying the Classics goes (although where Classics are concerned, Polytheism always seems to start with Greeks/Romans/Nordic traditions, and eventually, you get to some generalized view of “Africa” — at least in a “Classics 101” mythology syllabus). Claudia, not surprisingly, will probably be taking her own more personalized approach.

One of the Board members at Kulu Mele had asked me to start looking for and planning some social activities for the “Ogun and the People” children’s cast, as the girls had gotten closer throughout the production — I am wondering if a book club for this second book is a possibility! (It’s the “Ogun” production itself that is still my event horizon…)

Béla and Claudia are not at the same reading level when it comes to fiction, although much of this has to do with level of interest and ability to keep attention. While he is generally quite safe with anything spy-related in his age range, and almost anything by Jason Reynolds, Béla spent last night devouring — by which I mean I could not FIND him in the house at one point — a memoir by Trevor Noah.

There has not been a single topic today, from eggs to buses, that Béla does not have a Trevor Noah anecdote with which to rejoin. He will finish this in no time at all, and I know he is still interested in “Lord of the Flies” (and also has some books at the library on the wait list), but I am not sure how we will acquire “Lord of the Flies” — Béla sometimes is so sensitive about the contents of a book that he prefer it not be in the house anymore, and I think LOTF may be best begun as a loaner. But Béla relates more to reading than he used to, and spent last night reading during a time when he normally would have played on his phone. That is a big step. He is not a big game-player or device-user when home, but the fact that he gave up even the one or two hours a week that he does do it, for a book… yeah. Good feelings here.



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