just béla, finally.

Béla has been getting short shrift and even when we’ve tried to make up for it, the Universe has thwarted us. The haircut appointment made for him at least a month ago if not more was never rescheduled. The number of hours he has spent in limbo waiting for Claude to finish her “Ogun and the People” rehearsals is beyond count at this point, although we’ve tried as much as possible to split up so only one of us is waiting for Claude and Béla has something else to do — we have at times been kept from doing even that. Béla has spent a lot of time feeling like second fiddle this fall. Bottom line.

Today is officially the last Ogun rehearsal.

Before we left, Béla asked if he could return our library books and pick up his and Claude’s special orders. It was the day he has prepped for for months — Walking to the Library Alone. Not even with Claudia! We stayed in contact via text — and he did it!

We dropped Claudia off at the Annenberg and set about some mother-son and self-care time. Béla had had a particularly crappy weekend, with social plans falling through and a general feeling of loneliness he was still shaking off.

He was excited to see a new Phillip Pullman novel out. “His Dark Materials” is what he had gotten from the library, since they are enjoying the TV series, and neither of them has yet read this new series chronicling Lyra’s life!

Then, finally, a haircut. His stylist was super friendly and had been a School of Rock kid back in the day.

We got some fancy frozen yogurt before picking up Claudia. We also saw that Marble has been out sticker-tagging in West Philly.

We are so tired. But Béla is way happier.


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