today we ask: can marble destroy THESE decorations?

These are our heirloom recipe Homeschool No-Tape Garlands. Marble has not touched them yet. But we discovered something interesting today.

We know Marble is smarter than the average cat, and her emotional intelligence is off the charts. Spraying Marble with a mister bottle has accomplished little in the way of deterrents.


FROWNING. Stops her in her tracks. She does not like to be frowned at at all.

She is such a funny girl. Béla is her “baby”. He holds her and she wraps an arm around his neck. She always must be touching some part of his face with her paw, gently.

Claudia is the Cool Big Girl. Marble goes to her room and while Claude writes her novel, Marble holds a page of it in her mouth.

She’s an Emotional Support Animal, but we still don’t trust her with our precious Christmas ornaments; our Gene Simmons platform boots, our Appalachian Bear Rescue snowflake.

Marble gets spayed on the 16th. Will her post-op period make her docile enough to put up our Angel Slothriel tree-topper? Time will tell.

As the kids made these “Han Solo Belt” garlands today, as I call them, I began reading them Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. So we’re doubling up on that and “The Rabbit Princess”.

And talking about English Christmas ghost stories. And getting ready to make the pudding….


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