be prepared! (or: islam didn’t eat your hamster)

Very happy kids came in this evening to new velour throws and hot chocolate kits, and new tops for visiting Macy’s with their “littles” this week. Béla also had a gift from his pen pal which… no pun intended, warmed my heart to no end.

I have a very big weekend post to make, and also a post for my own blog, AND a post for BOTH here and there that could have been done at the end of September if I was more on top of these things. So be on standby for what looks like an ENORMOUS amount of activity.

Béla was just so happy to hear from his buddy and while I never would have thought of this gift he told me he had friends who had taken Red Cross training for kids and that he was interested in it.

It really does take a village. We have a good one.

More… soonish. Amuse yourselves for now with our daily homeschool anthem. Works no matter what kind of day you are having, somehow.

’cause we’re







EDIT: the live at le bataclan version of GREAT is also too good not to watch.


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