TRADITIONS ARE MADE! macy’s xmas gauntlet with booboo and young xj

We did it last year. Because Young XJ was born.

And we did it this year and that makes it a tradition.

This year’s Santa was funny; he seemed dazed by the racially diverse family of seven that had commandeered his hut. Since none of the kids wanted anything in particular for Christmas (Booboo may have been petitioning for a Tardis) Santa suggested chocolate-covered reindeer toenails.

To get to Santaland, all Philadelphians know you must first traverse the Dickens Village. Since my two are being read Dickens currently, this year they were less creeped out by the animatronics and more freaked out by Dickens’ mind.

I love seeing Claudia walk next to Tara.

We caught the light show and helped Young XJ write his first letter to Santa, as my two had done at that very table a decade ago.

It seemed, finally, that the kids were old enough — and Claudia’s awareness and comfort zone in discussing and hearing about racial discrimination were strong enough for us to listen to David Sedaris’ “Santaland Diaries”. I have kept the kids away from this piece for all the time they were very small, just because of the viciousness of the characters concerning the race of the Santas that they see at Macy’s, but I felt that the kids were ready for it; and they were.So the kids have been officially indoctrinated into the world of David Sedaris.

That was a great deal of fun. With the amount of writing Claudia has been doing — and the fact that David Sedaris just appeared as a teacher on — AND that there was a really big sale running on gift subscriptions — the kids now have their own subscription to MasterClass from Tuck and me. (I have to go beyond “silly pajamas” as the only gift “I” give them every year, even though the line between Santa and myself is beginning to blur a bit — not entirely — but somewhat.) They do not know about the MasterClass subscription at the moment but will when they check their computer. There is a class by Misty Copeland, and Neil Gaiman, and many cooking classes for Béla — I’m very excited.

(UPDATE: they found it. They are mystified. Literally. Béla is going to make us bronzino and more fish dishes in general, and take the comedy class by Judd Apatow; Claudia went right for Misty Copeland and David Sedaris and is amazed that Neil Gaiman is available; they love it. This was money well spent.)

In home news, it seems we are doing best to keep to just paper ornaments on the tree. It’s Year of the Kitten Tree.

Even though she has been told of the coming of Salmon Claws, Marble has still been on a streak of wild behavior that forced us to cave and give her the gifts Salmon Claws had already prepared for her, a little early. This was a good idea — she was obviously in need of some new stimulation (other than the Christmas tree).

“I do believe in Christmas! I do! And I shall keep it in my heart every day of the year! Because of these catnip fish tacos and pizza slices and this crazy tunnel thingy!”

But this is the true sign of the season…


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